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Our President

" Mr. M.P.R. Jesudian was born in Inamkoilpatti, a hemlet, a tirunelveli district. He had collegiate education at pope’s college, Sawyerpuram. A known and reputed tamil scholar, he began his carrer as a journalist and served as a News Editor in Malai Murasu” under the stewardship of Sr.B.R.Adithyan and Sri.B.R.Ayya for well over 15 years. He is versalite-an eminent writer, and excellent orator, an exponent folk songs and a reputed dramatist. To pin point some of his credits-released an album containing more that hundred songs in his own words and lyrics.

Penned and directed historical dance and plays like “Thalai katta kalai” and “Theeran chinamalai” and also “Nattupura padal” “then Pothigai Thenamudhu”. He is well associated with the departed leaders, Perunthalaivar kamaraj and puratchithalaivar M.G.R and his in good books with sri I.K. Gujaral, Kalaingar Karunanithi Sr.Kumari Anandan, Chevalier Dr.V.G.Santhosam and Mr.Gnanadhurai Michael.

As a philanthropist and a prominent educationalist, he has dedicated his life to communal harmony and serve for the uplift of the poor and the down-trodden"